– Changing it up – Changing it up

Hello and welcome to We are not a traditional webzine anymore, and we no longer provide reviews and interviews. We’re still all about Norwegian extreme metal though and this is what you can find here.

NEWS: Our news-section is now located on our Facebook page. Yup, we don’t write news anymore, but our Facebook page is a good place to stay updated on what’s crawling around in the Norwegian underground.

RELEASE LISTS: These lists have turned out to be quite useful for a lot of people, whether it to be a way to stay updated on what’s to come, or just to see if there were any albums you missed last month. Obviously we’re going to miss some releases here and there, but we try to keep them as updated as possible. You can check out this years releases here, and head over here to see what’s confirmed for next year.

EXPLORE BANDS: I love it whenever I find a new favourite band, and I’m sure you do too. The list of 300 well-known and not so well-known bands featured here is far from complete, but you should be able to find something new and enjoyable there. Or you could just try your luck. You can even add bands that are missing by filling out this form, just remember that we cover Norwegian bands within the genres of black/death/thrash/viking metal and some deathcore/grindcore.

MUSIC ON YOUTUBE: I think it’s time to revive the old Youtube channel. Don’t expect fancy videos, just quality music. I’ll try to build on the 200-ish videos featured there already.

So there you have it. We don’t have as much content as we used to, but we still promote Norwegian extreme metal.