Grotesque Hysterectomy – Sororicide (Review)

Grotesque Hysterectomy – Sororicide (Review)

Grotesque Hysterectomy from Oslo came to life in early 2002, and released their first demo, entitled “Savage Decapitation” in 2003. The EP “Piercing Through” followed in 2005 before their debut full-length was released in 2007. Now, about five years later, their sophomore album “Sororicide” has been unleashed via Hellish Records.

“Sororicide” is a relatively short full-length running for about 28 min, but if my memory serves me right their debut “Reek” was even shorter.

Short or not, Grotesque Hysterectomy sets off in an incredible tempo. The style is death metal of the traditional sort, without any big surprises. It’s hard and brutal from start to finish. There are some variations throughout the album of course, but it does get a bit too traditional to my ears. Even a bit dull at times. What Grotesque Hysterectomy delivers here has been done so many times before by so many other bands, and it has been done better as well. It’s not that “Sororicide” is a bad album, but it does drown a bit in the masses of similar releases.

“Sororicide” is definitely not a crappy album, but is instead very tight and well recorded. However, I still miss the little extra which will make it unique and exciting for the listener.


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