Jøran Aasheim talks about the new Svadilfare album, other projects and the Bergen scene (Interview)

Jøran Aasheim talks about the new Svadilfare album, other projects and the Bergen scene (Interview)

Atmospheric black metal band Svadilfare will release a new album titled “Makt Til Uskyld” in December 2013, via Naturmacht Productions. The man behind the solo project is Jøran Aasheim a.k.a. Ildsint, and we thought this would be a good time to have a chat about the upcoming Svadilfare album, Jøran’s other projects and the Bergen black metal scene.

- First, many thanks for granting us this interview; it is really nice having the opportunity to interview (and support) the new upcoming bands in the underground and extreme metal scene.

Ildsint: Thank you, my pleasure.

- You’re involved in various music projects in Bergen. Could you please give us an overview of them?

Ildsint: Well, my main projects now are Svadilfare and Gandreid. And on the side I have Blodstaur, Stygg and Doedsstraff. Svadilfare and Stygg is one-man bands, and Gandreid, Blodstaur and Doedsstraff is with my friend Dàublòdir on drums, vocals and lyrics.

- Does it get difficult when you’re involved in several different projects? For example for recording new material, rehearsals etc.

Ildsint: No, not really. You just have to be in the right mood and take your time. Some might say it’s strange to have so many different bands, but today there are so many genres and my head boils over with ideas. So why not have more projects, hehe.

- How do you get inspiration for each of the projects, lyrics and music? What is your main influence?

Ildsint: Well, looking at todays society it gives enough frustration and inspiration for this kind of music. But I try to focus on the nature surrounding me, and that is my greatest inspiration.

- Gandreid is a folk/atmospheric black metal project while Svadilfare, Stygg and Blodstaur are black metal projects (raw/atmospheric). What made you do a folk project with Gandreid?

Ildsint: It just came natural to us to try and make it sound Norwegian and raw at the same time. We try to keep it more raw and aggressive than folk’ish though.

- Svadilfare is described as a one-man metal project, is it the same case for Stygg? How do you produce the music for each of them? Is there any collaboration?

Ildsint: Stygg is also a one-man project, yes, but there is no collaboration involved in them. I might have some guest performance from time to time though, and some lyrics are written by others, but that’s only for Stygg. For Svadilfare I want to keep it all me.

- Svadilfare’s sound is atmospheric and dark, it has beautiful raw melodies mixed with nature sounds and aggressiveness; how you create the sound concept? What makes it different from everything else?

Ildsint: Hmm, good question. Svadilfare is supposed to give a different feeling than my other projects, more like music you could relax to. The other projects are supposed to be more angry and nasty.

- Svaldifare’s “Den Som Herjer” (2012) was released as an independent self-production. How has the experience and feedback been so far?

Ildsint: So far the response has been positive and people seem to like it, which is motivating. “Den Som Herjer” is limited to 100 copies, and I like that people who really care, actually care enough to purchase it. But today the music pops up everywhere on the internet anyway, and there will allways be negative response, but I respect an honest opinion.

- You have recently signed Naturmacht Productions, what made you choose them?

Ildsint: Naturmacht Productions is very honest and gives me the freedom and time I need, and is very easy to work with.

- Svadilfare’s second album “Makt Til Uskyld”‘s release date has recently been announced to be in December, so congratulations with that! How will “Makt Til Uskyld” differ from the previous album?

Ildsint: Thank you! The songs have been ready for a while. So recently I’ve been working on the coverart and website, and some new tunes for the next release.
I guess people will notice that the sound will be a bit different. But it will still be atmospheric metal in pretty much the same style as the last album.

- The album artwork has also been announced, with a wolf standing in the eerie winter. A mix of aggressiveness, nature, rawness and mystery; how was the artwork concept decided?

Ildsint: Well, I am an animal friend, and love all kinds of animals. But wolfs and dogs are my favourites. “Makt Til Uskyld” means “Power to Innocence”, so I figured the wolf would be a good cover.

"Makt Til Uskyld" artwork.

“Makt Til Uskyld” artwork.

- What are your expectations for the upcoming release?

Ildsint: I don’t expect much actually, hehe. I take it as it comes, and hope people will like my tunes.

- Do you have further plans for the other projects; Stygg and Gandreid? What would be the next step on that front?

Ildsint: Next step and in focus now is to finish the Gandreid debut full-length. Stygg is in no hurry, but I will probably make some new tunes there as well soon, depends on the mood.

- One can see new talented underground bands coming from Bergen (Hordaland region), what do you think about this new generation? Is there any internal collaboration?

Ildsint: Yes and no. Many people in the underground collaborate today, but many have solo-projects on the side as well. And today everyone has very easy access to music production, which means there will only be more and more bands, and hard to keep track of them all.

- Do you think this new generation of musicians get enough support, or is there a lack of attention towards them?

Ildsint: I think that the support and attention that comes as deserved, and how the response is from the listeners. It is easier to reach new fans in one way today, with the internet. But it’s still not easy to get attention from all the potential listeners who just stop looking, because there is so many bands today. And if you look at bands like Djevelkult, Vithr, Plaag, Skygge, Daukjøtt etc. you can see that people find it very appealing and manage to keep track, even though it’s some different genres in there.

- How do you see the future of the underground in Bergen and Norway? Do you think the new generation of bands are more willing to reach the big masses?

Ildsint: I don’t think there will be that much of a difference with big gigs and stuff. In Bergen people like to go to more intimate concerts, and I hope that it will stay that way. I very much respect that these kinds of bands don’t mind playing small gigs!

Jøran Aasheim

- How do you assess the black metal scene in Bergen today compared to how it was in the 90s and early 2000s?

Ildsint: To be honest, I think that back then it actually was underground. Today it is way more accepted and a bit more respected, since it’s one of the biggest cultural exports coming from Norway. But it still has the “charm”, and those who used to care, still cares..and I’m glad!

- Can you tell us a little bit about Frykt Band Promotions, and what the aim is?

Ildsint: Yes, that was me and my brother Kenneth Aasheim who wanted to support bands who deserve it. But today it’s only him working on it. So far he has alot of bands he helps out, and sells merch for. The aim will be to reach the ears who cares.

- Do you think Frykt Band Promotions can better integrate between the underground scene inside and outside of Norway?

Ildsint: Well, it might seem a bit contradictory calling it underground, while publishing and spreading it all over the internet. But I think this kind of music is too extreme for most people to at all care to listen, but the right ears will stop and listen. Kenneth works with some bands from South America as we speak, and he is a big fan of thrash metal and their sound over there. So it’s international and bands should check it out if they want some help.

- As we’re reaching the end of the interview we would like to wish you the very best with your different projects and once again, many thanks for your time. Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Ildsint: No problem. Well, try to keep up with the bands out there and you will find something you like! Thanks for the support Norskmetal.net and have a great summer!

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