Nidingr – Greatest of Deceivers (Review)

Nidingr – Greatest of Deceivers (Review)

Starring present and past members of bands such as Mayhem, Gorgoroth, DHG (Dødheimsgard), 1349 and God Seed, extreme metallers Nidingr is back with their 3rd full-length album, entitled “Greatest of Deceivers”.

Their first album “Sorrow Infinite and Darkness” blew me away, and I have liked the band ever since. I’ve had big expectations for “Greatest of Deceivers” and the band has done exactly what I was hoping for, which is combining the best elements from both of the previous albums.

On “Greatest of Deceivers” they leave room for more atmospheric parts handled by Teloch’s insanely good riffs and some clean vocals which fits in perfectly. But don’t worry, the brutality is kept intact throughout the album. With good musicians, high tempo, great atmosphere and the brilliant guitars blended nicely with the sick vocals, you can’t go wrong. Not even for a second.

You can hear all the hard work that is put into this album, and it’s delightful to see how much Nidingr has grown musically. The band has done an amazing job on this release and I don’t understand why such a great band don’t get more attention.

Just when I thought that the metal year of 2012 was over, “Greatest of Deceivers” comes along and blows me away in every way possible. Pure quality all the way, and if you wonder what Nidingr is about you should go to your local music store and demand this album! I have nothing more to say, but to thank Nidingr for their overall best release so far. If you liked this band before, you’ll worship them now.

“Greatest of Deceivers” is out on November 16th in Norway and on November 20th in Europe/US, via Indie Recordings.


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